Monday, December 28, 2009



Wide-mouthed see-through jar, or empty tennis ball can


1. Add water to your container until it is almost full.
2. Take a small amount of clay and roll it into two small balls.
3. Take one of the balls and flatten it like a small pancake. Leave the other piece round and smooth.
4. Hold both pieces of clay just above the surface of the water. Ask, “Which piece of clay do you think will drop the fastest?”
5. Now drop both pieces of clay through the water at the same time. Observe. Discuss. What role did friction play with the different speeds of the clay?


Friction is the resistance of motion on the surface of a body. The more surface, the more friction, the more resistance to motion. Fish and boats are streamlined to reduce their surface so they can speed through water more easily.

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  1. You have presented a nice experiment to show friction through water. With the help of few materials we can make understand the kids about the friction. Thanks a lot for sharing this informative post.