Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This activity is easy to set up, and gives the student a visual about how sound waves move.


5 marbles
Flat surface


1. Line 4 marbles up in a straight line on a flat surface, close enough that they are touching each other.
2. Shoot the 5th marble so that it hits the end marble.
3. Observe. Discuss.


Each marble contains a certain amount of energy called Potential Energy. When the 1st marble hits the second marble, the Potential Energy is converted to Kinetic Energy (energy of movement) and passes its energy on down the line to the third marble, and so forth. This passing of energy from one marble to the next illustrates the way a sound wave is produced.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for visiting Learning & Teaching. Your book sounds interesting — I've added it to my Amazon wish list! Also love your science experiments. Our fifth graders are studying potential and kinetic energy right now. GradeFiveAlive